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Prep Work

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Do you have a resume?
Have you compiled a personal statement?
Do you have a memo of intent?
Do you know how to write a cover letter?
Do you have a polished writing sample?
Do you know how to conduct yourself during an interview?
Have you made a list of professor(s) to ask for a letter of recommendation?

Getting Started

Decide whether applying for a fellowship is what you want to commit to.

Explore the resources listed on our website by exploring the links provided.

Fill out the postgraduate fellowship questionnaire on our website prior to your advising meeting with Dr. Jaksch.

Attend any general informational fellowship events offered at TCNJ.

Attend any workshop events offered at TCNJ to polish elements of your application, resume, cover letter, writing sample, memo of intent, etc.

Set up a meeting with Dr. Jaksch to discuss any eligible fellowship opportunities. You can speak one-on-one with an experienced advisor to help answer any of your specific questions about the application process or fellowship requirements.

Reach out to faculty resources that are affiliated with postgraduate fellowships at TCNJ.

Explore our student profiles from past candidates. These students have already gone through the process of applying to an international postgraduate fellowship. Perhaps, their information profiles might help you to decide what you would want out of your own fellowship experience.

Get started on our postgraduate fellowship prep work checklist.