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Memo of Intent

Be mindful of your application deadline. Start writing early so you will have time to edit this section of your application thoroughly. Give yourself time so that you can get feedback from others. Attend a writing workshop on campus.

Follow the formatting instruction for font size, margin size, and line spacing. Do not exceed maximum page limit. You do not want to have your application rejected because you failed to follow the formatting instructions. Do not add photos, videos, or word art. Be careful not to be glib when writing your statement of purpose.

Be yourself. Your application is personal…it should not come across as flat or detached.

Be motivated! Show where your passions are, highlight your unique vision, and convey your leadership potential.

Your application should convey a clear sense of who you are as a person. Make a clear and concise easy for why the fellowship should be awarded to you.

Avoid repetition. Be comprehensive when writing…you do not want to regurgitate what has already been stated.

Avoid choppiness. Develop a consistent flow throughout your statement of purpose.

Your first paragraph should pack a punch! It should not be extraneous or boring! You might want to focus on a certain experience in your life. Use thoughtful language. Be specific. Do not meander and try not to be glib when writing.

Be introspective! This is your chance to help the reviewers get to know you. Your statement should not be superfluous.

You need a hook at the very beginning! Keep your stories/personal experiences to a minimum. Do not merely reiterate the list of accomplishments on your resume. Only address specific accomplishments that explain your ability to take on the challenge of a postgraduate fellowship.

You will also be evaluated for your intellectual merit. Have a passionate focus! You do not need to reference every single academic accomplishment you have ever made.

What specifically attracts you to this postgraduate fellowship program? What personal qualities do you wish to convey?

Proofread your statement of purpose. Copyedit! Have others proofread it. Proofread it again for any errors or inconsistencies.

Always save a copy of your application.