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Interview Prep Objectives and Outcomes:

Certify or assess that the student has achieved the basic skills and understandings required of a TCNJ graduate. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Demonstration of a clear writing ability
2. Demonstration of the ability to make suitable oral presentations/interview
3. Demonstration of knowledge of the professional interpersonal communication requirements of the fellowship
4. Demonstration of research capability
5. Demonstration of the ability to work cooperatively and alone
6. Demonstration of the ability to originate, plan, carry out and complete a project (within the student’s track) which includes the following components:

a. Knowledge of your audience
b. Knowledge of technical skills required to complete this project
c. Ability to gather information through interview and other research skills
d. Solid writing skills
e. Demonstration of knowledge of the protocols of the field and project
f. Ability to create a professional-level original project using the skills amassed at TCNJ and meet a deadline.

How to Make a Good Impression:

  • Dress appropriately; business attire for both men and women.
  • Try to maintain eye contact with your interviewer. If you have multiple people present at your interview, try to engage in conversation with everyone.
  • Try to be calm and cordial with everyone. Greet every individual at the commencement of your interview and thank each person before leaving.
  • If it is not a virtual interview, shake hands with your interviewer once you arrive and before you leave.
  • Have good posture. Try to be confident and engaged throughout your interview.
  • Avoid any nervous ticks: fixing hair, constant smiling/laughing, fumbling with fingers or jewelry. Also try to avoid mumbling when you are answering a question.

Responding to Questions:

  • Listen carefully to each question. Do not answer too quickly, do not cut off the interviewer before they are finished asking a question. Consider how you want to respond.
  • Strive for clarity. It is better to think about your answer, as opposed to rambling until you come to a point.
  • Avoid complimenting your interviewer. You do not need to tell them that “it is a good question” and it will not earn you any brownie points.
  • Remain honest in your responses. If you are unclear how to answer a question, ask for clarification.
  • Have an arsenal of clear examples to help illustrate your personal experiences. Strive for clear connections between your personal goals and the goals of the fellowship.
  • Remember to thank your interviewer(s).