TCNJ Weather Alert

Due to the impending snow storm, TCNJ will be closed on Wednesday, March 21 through noon on Thursday, March 22 (conditions permitting). See note for Residential Students.

Alert Posted on March 20th, 2018 at 7:14 pm

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Writers Place

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Conveniently located at 101 Roscoe West. If you would like a in-person single session writing consultation you will need to make an appointment. The Writer’s Place exists to help you excel in your course work by offering academic assistance and offer a quiet place to study. Student tutors and faculty supervisors look forward to your visit.

With a TCNJ Writer’s Place tutor

  • You have the opportunity to “brainstorm how to start your assignment, see your draft through the eyes of a peer, read your draft and discuss ways to revise, ask questions about thesis, argument, evidence, conclusion, clarity, correctness, citations, academic integrity.”

For more information please contact: