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What is a fellowship?

A (national) fellowship can provide you with an opportunity that will allow you to explore your passions deeper. You can travel! You can investigate your true academic passion(s)! You will receive financial support to help you pursue your research.

About Us: 

Welcome! This website is designed to help students, like you, through the process of identifying and applying for post-graduate fellowships in the United States and internationally.

Our coordinators want to help navigate you through the application process. We also want to help you clearly identify your exact ambitions and talents.

We encourage you to explore the fellowship and scholarship opportunities outlined on this website. The Office of Post-Graduate Fellowships is located in 202 Roscoe West at the Center for Global Engagement.

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Why should you consider applying for a fellowship? 

So that you can pursue your academic interest(s) in depth.

6 Questions You Should Begin To Ask Yourself… 
What does it take to apply for a nationally competitive opportunity?
Why are you interested in applying for a specific fellowship?
Are you committed to academics? Do you have a strong academic record in your major field of study?
Have you proven yourself to be a leader (on campus or within your community)?