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Jack Baldwin: Forest Foundation Fellow


Jack Baldwin

Jack is a rising junior psych major at TCNJ. He is also a leader of the Bonner Institute’s Environment Team.

The Forest Foundation specializes in providing immersive experience working in non-profits in the Greater Boston and New England Area. In addition to experience at non-profits, the foundation provides fellows with professional and grant-writing experiences during the summer.

Jack, a leader of the Bonner Institutes Environment Team, worked at Haley House, a non-profit focusing on grassroots food justice issues in Roxbury by operating a soup kitchen, multiple urban farms, and operating two affordable restaurants, and working with community members to ensure healthy food as a right for everyone.

Jack is pictured at the newly acquired urban farm on Thornton Street which was partitioned into two sections: the first half being a community garden, and the second half being a location to grow organic vegetables to be donated to the Haley House Bakery and Cafe.